New Podcast Project: What Would Alice Paul Do?

alicepaulI’m proud to announce I am co-hosting a new podcast, What Would Alice Paul Do?, about demystifying what it means to be part of the League of Women Voters.

I’m co-hosting with my good friend, Amy Hjerstedt, who is a board member for the national League of Women Voters. We served together as co-chairs of the LWV’s Young People’s Taskforce from 2012-2014, and we had a blast.  See our toolkit for engaging younger members [PDF]. I’m glad we are partnering up again.

On What Would Alice Paul Do? Podcast, we share stories, tips and how-tos to make sure you have the tools and confidence to actively engage your community.

If you’re interested in listening in, you can find us online at We’re also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Learn about Alice Paul and her contribution to U.S. women’s voting rights.

Connect with What Would Alice Paul Do? Podcast

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