Poetry with Motown style

I’m very happy to have submitted a freelance nonfiction article today. Yay! Now I can concentrate on poetry submissions. I have already befouled my newest edition of Poet’s Market with lots of post-it flags.

At my writing group last week, three of us talked about how we tend to write new pieces instead of editing older ones, since it is hard to reconnect to the feeling of a particular poem. Sometimes, my poems are like bad relationships: either getting back together is doomed for failure or there is potential but I’m just avoiding the work.

Now, I got Smokey Robinson singing in my head…”My mama told me/You better shop around.” Good advice for lovers or poets.

One comment

  1. Melissa Morris

    Good luck with your submissions!
    I have also recently started to submit my writing again for publication. (It was five years between submissions.) Where are you submitting to? I have shared a few places on my own blog that I have submitted work to and as I find more I am posting them there. I’d appreciate any suggestions of great publications you have found.

    ~Melissa 🙂

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