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Poetry and Google iPhone App

I have been having great fun with my iPhone apps since their official launch in the summer. My favorite app has become the free and updated Google app with voice searching. Two surprising uses: to spell words that I hear on my audiobooks and to write lines of poetry as I drive (or at least noting the key words).

The other day, I wasn’t sure how to spell “espadrilles” but Google did. (It was important because I’m now listening to Confessions of a Shopaholic on tape). And I was able to start a new poem on my way home by capturing the key words of lines I wanted to remember.  It was great.

My iPhone bling: Web apps I use

I wish I could join those of you who are getting the 3G iPhone tomorrow. Alas, I’ve only had my iPhone for 6 months, so I’m not planning to upgrade for a while. The 3G will be great, but EDGE has taught me great patience. How else am I going to hear the sounds of nature if my YouTube videos don’t take 5 minutes to load?

I am a PC iPhone user, which can be a challenge since I don’t have iCal. After 2 weeks of research, I went with the (free) system of using Google Calendar with Plaxo to manually sync with my home computer’s Outlook and iPhone.

The only mishap I had was installing Google sync for Microsoft Outlook when it first launched, thinking it would be great to cut out the Plaxo step. The little bugger wiped my whole calendar–history and future–within 60 seconds. I immediately deleted the app and cried.

(BTW, in case of a future data wipe, I now archive my past months on Google calendar by creating PDFs, using Google Docs, to file away in Gmail.)

I also use Remember the Milk for my to-do list with the iPhone upgrade, and absolutely love Jott to create voice-to-text reminders.

I’ll be keeping my eye on MobileMe from Apple once it’s launched.

And just think, I was actually using a paper planner this time last year. Pfft.