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Poem: I am Dramatic

I swerve in cursive
like the signatures of colonial women
who gave birth to thousands
because it only takes a second to exist
and a moment to die


I type in distress
because I point forward
aligned with the arrow
of messages needing a response


I hang up the blood moon
to remind us of our kinship,
of annotations clotting
our preternatural bond.


© 2017 Melissa Currence


This poem came from a prompt from my poetry group: Write a poem inspired by the theme that the act of writing is a matter of life or death.

Let’s Stay in Touch!

Poetry revisions

I have been working on my poetry revisions. I’m trying to get more submissions out there. I was appreciative of Robert Lee Brewer’s post on how to write cover letters for journals. It’s good to be reminded to just keep it simple. I have been focusing on poetry contests this winter. I placed in two: The Poetry Society of Virginia and Inktank/Citybeat contest. PSV judge provided some great comments. But always more to revise…

A few months’ ago, I indexed all my poetry notebooks from the past five years but haven’t gone back to mine for gems yet.